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About Me


My name is Yaniv Birman and I've been an illustrator most of my life.

From a young age, I was fascinated about games and was curious how they've been created. I fulfilled my dream by going and studying Game Design & Development at Tiltan, Haifa, Israel.

Since my graduation I've been working as an illustrator and a 2D animator.

Later on, I wanted to specialize in 3d Animation in order to expand my

knowledge in the field. I finished another 2 years, studying 3D Animation

at the Israeli Animation College, Tel Aviv, Israel.

My specialization during college was Rigging, because the kind of problem solving in that field fascinated me. In addition I'm also a 3D Generalist that loves modeling and texturing.

I have great learning skills, ability to meet deadlines and great teamwork skills.
I always seek to get better, therefore I greatly respect feedback in order to improve myself to become a better artist.

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